Valentine’s Day Experiences for Singles & Couples

By: Tim Studebaker

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – It’s the big night, but if you didn’t plan ahead, you may be fighting the crowds or struggling for Valentine’s Day ideas.  Fear not, there are options if you want to get away from the traditional gifts.

Benjamin Giguere of Gather Glass Blowing Studio says, “We also just enjoy bringing people in here and giving them an experience, which a lot of people are looking for that these days, other than just buying objects.

“Gather” wants to help you create that experience, offering classes all evening (and all year).

Giguere says, “Valentine’s Day is a nice time to do something together.”

Singles or couples are welcome, where you’ll make something for yourself or for your significant other.

Giguere says, “If you’re putting your energy into it, I think it makes it more special.”

Another option, especially if you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, Sons of Liberty Spirits Company in South Kingstown wants to invite you over tonight.

Bryan Ricard of Sons of Liberty says, “We’re not so much against Valentine’s Day.  We just think your love can be directed toward other things.”

For the second year, they’re hosting an event called “Whiskey is my Valentine,” complete with heart shaped piñatas to help you take out some aggression.

Ricard says, “There’s gonna be some custom candy hearts in those piñatas saying things like ‘Thank you, next,’ ‘Single and awesome.’  We have dart boards, so we’ve encouraged guests to bring in pictures of their exes so they can fire away if they like.”

And, you can comfort yourself with a sweet treat too.  They’ll have a whiskey infused cake.

Ricard says, “Whiskey is always there for you.”

If you’re interested in either option, check them each out here:

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