Van Gogh Lounge temporarily shut down

By: Ana Bottary


Van Gogh lounge in providence went before the providence board of licensing Monday and remains closed. This comes after officers who worked a detail there Saturday found one man had been stabbed, and another knocked unconscious outside the club.
After discovering those victims, Police say they stopped a party bus, filled with people who were in the lounge, that they believed the stabbing suspect was on.

"We found a subject that matched the description that was given to us….he was detained and brought to central station, he had a laceration on his right hand,” says the Officer who was working detail Saturday.

Police placed L’quan Arnum and Niah Monteiro under arrest for disorderly conduct. Arnum stood before a judge Monday. Police have not identified who committed the stabbing at this point.

Van Gogh was shut down for 72 hours during an emergency meeting Saturday. During Mondays meeting, Police said Monterio had given a statement, but the lounge’s lawyer Peter Petrarca, says that was not stated in the report he was given.

 "So there was a recorded statement taken from Montero?  Then I ask that we hold the proceedings, reopen my client, give me the recorded statements so I can put a defense on them," Petrarca says.

The clubs attorney also does not believe there were any weapons present in the club.

"They found knives after they jumped on the bus when the supposed suspect that’s in custody was back on the bus. I don’t think they had anything in the club."

The board decided to continue the meeting until Thursday, to give the attorney a copy of Monterio’s statement.

"At this time we cant speculate what is next, again the board hears the testimony and the evidence, they do have a history….We look at the history, we look at the evidence and during that time we will make the appropriate actions," says State Senator Juan Pichardo, Providence Board of Licenses Chair.

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