Veterans Day Parade in East Greenwich Honors Generations of Military

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It was a somber, yet colorful remembrance for U.S. military veterans in East Greenwich.

Paying tribute to those who served in all wars, but mindful that we are losing over 500 World War Two veterans every day.

Lucy Amat was in that war.

“I go to the schools and talk to the kids about it. It’s so important… Q: Not many World War II Vets left, are there?

“No, no, just a few of us,” said WWII Vet Lucy Amat.

But her service – and that of others here – is not lost on all the children.

“It’s means to us, we are appreciating all the people who have defended our country; defending everything our country stands for,” said Jack Silverman, a Boy Scout with Troop 2 East Greenwich.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis said, “As it always does, the East Greenwich Parade, stopped by here at the World War II Memorial, which was dedicated 65 years ago.”

A plaque honors those from the community who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Others came to honor the wounded and disabled.

“I’m just here – not to represent myself – but to represent all the injured, the ones that survived, that can’t walk and stuff,” said John Taylor, a U.S. Army veteran from the 1980s.

There were also those who paid tribute to the troops who fought to create this nation.

The parade a living history lesson to those who watched – young and old.

World War two veteran Lucy Amat just turned 90, and is going strong.

“And I go dancing, karaoke; I still to all that, yeah, yeah,” said World War II veteran Amat.

It’s veterans like her and the others who made this nation proud.