Victorian home deemed total loss after Swansea fire

By: Bianca Buono

SWANSEA, M.A. – Due to the strong winds on Wednesday, once the fire started in a large Victorian home, it didn’t stop, leaving the home a total loss.

Flames and smoke poured out of a massive home on Warren Avenue in Swansea.

"It was a fire storm at first here," said Swansea Fire Chief Peter Burke.

Painters were inside when the flames broke out, putting the final touches on the newly remodeled home.

Its owners were set to move in a week’s time.

"The devastation for the family obviously is not good," said Chief Burker.

Extreme winds caused the fire to rapidly spread; even creating brush fires which put neighboring homes in harms way.

As all of this was unfolding, panic ensued at the horse farm across the street.

Nineteen horses were roaming the property just yards away from the roaring fire.

"It was scary at first because they panicked because you could hear the sirens and the flashing lights and the smoke," said Owner of Saddlebrook Farm Patricia Metivier.

The owners were then tasked with quickly getting the massive animals inside.

"They’re like a thousand pounds, 1,500 pounds they can take us out," said Metivier.

Thankfully, the farm was untouched and nobody was injured in the fire.

But the large home was reduced to a frame.

"It was so beautiful I can’t believe it’s gone," said Metivier.

Officials are unsure exactly what caused the fire, but they believe it started somewhere in the kitchen.

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