VIDEO: Boat crew spots baby whale just off New Bedford coast

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WLNE) — A New Bedford tow boat company crew captured a rare sighting Wednesday.

The crew spotted what is believed to be a baby humpback whale about a mile off the New Bedford coast.

According to owner Capt. Clint Allen of TowBoatUS New Bedford, one of his crews was contracted to deliver a pot to a survey vessel to a the windfarm area about 50 miles off the boast of Clark’s Point in New Bedford.

Allen said the crew didn’t spot any wildlife on their trek out, but as they were approaching the shore, that’s when they saw what the crew believed to be a baby humpback whale about mile from the New Bedford shore.

Allen said that it is unusual for whales to swim that close to shore and they alerted the property authorities and the United States Coast Guard.

The crew reported the baby whale was not in distress or entangled and the Coast Guard put a message to boaters warning them of the humpback whale near the shore.

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