Video emerges showing large URI crowd violating COVID rules

A large crowd of students gathered late at night on the University of Rhode Island campus, outside a residence hall, over the past weekend; with many of them caught on camera violating COVID guidelines.

The gathering took place on Sunday around midnight with a teenager, who did not want to be identified, filming the infractions.

He told ABC 6 News: “This party was going on until about 3:30 in the morning. Campus police, they were making rounds, they were driving through the crowd, probably about every 15 minutes, but they did nothing to break this up.”

But, Dave Lavallee, a spokesperson for the university, said it was not just one group of students. It was like an endless cycle of students showing up to hang out in that area overnight.

So, once campus police dispersed one group, more students would come and take their place.

“Our police were frequent visitors to the gathering. I know they moved them out of there, they broke up a couple of things to kind of separate the crowd,” Lavallee said.

But, he said, students caught on camera could face suspension.

“We’re looking at some of that material and if we find students who are continuing, violating our policies; we’ll take action against them,” Lavallee said.

Lavallee told ABC 6 News that campus and state police would be patrolling the campus at night.

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