Video of terror suspect’s final moments released

 By: Melissa Randall

Video showing the dramatic moments leading up to the shooting death of terror suspect Usaama Rahim in a Boston parking lot last week was made public Monday. The grainy video shows Rahim’s final moments. In it police say you can see 5 officers and 1 FBI agent approach the terror suspect, circled in yellow, then back away before firing the fatal shots.

“There were multiple requests for him to put down that weapon. He was given every change. Taking a life is the hardest thing we do and that’s a decision we’ll always have to live with,” said Bill Evans, Boston‘s Police Commissioner.

The Suffolk District Attorney and the FBI have both launched investigations into whether the officers’ use of deadly force was justified.

“I haven’t made any findings yet. I have not come to any legal conclusions,” said Dan Conley, Suffolk District Attorney.

Rahim’s family immediately accused the Suffolk county district attorney’s office of editing the video before releasing it.

“The family is disappointed that public officials chose to publish only the very end of the contact.  The video does not show Mr. Rahim as the initial aggressor. Instead, it shows that at least five law enforcement officers approach and surround Mr. Rahim in what looks to be a military formation approaching an unsuspecting man,” attorneys for the Rahim family said in a statement.

Police say Rahim and two other men were planning “get the guys in blue.”

“Mr. Rahim had been under 24 hour surveillance for quite some time. Last Tuesday we intercepted a communication he was about to carry out an attack that day,” said Special Agent-In-Charge Vincent Lisi of the Boston FBI.

The group had apparently discussed their plot at a Rhode Island beach. Rahim’s cousin was arrested in Everett last week following the shooting. As for the third person, the FBI has not said if a Warwick man is the other unidentified individual involved.

An FBI spokesperson will only confirm that a man living at a house on Aspinet Drive has been questioned by the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Rhode Island State Police troopers remain parked outside that home around the clock.

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