Financial trouble for videogame maker given $75-million in RI taxpayer funds

Curt Schilling's 38 Studios could be in danger of going bankrupt.

The video game company that the former Red Sox pitcher moved to Providence two years ago is in financial trouble.

This after Rhode Island gave Schilling a 75-million dollar guaranteed loan.

On Monday night Rhode Island's governor Lincoln Chafee, told ABC6 News that he and officials from the state's economic development team, have been meeting with 38 Studios about their finances.  

“It's just part of what we have to do here to keep Rhode Island's economy moving forward.” said Chafee.

On Monday night, when asked if the state might have wasted a huge sum of money on a failing company, Governor Chafee, did not want to comment, turning his attention instead to other financial issues facing the state that he would be addressing at a town hall meeting in Warwick.

There was also no comment from 38 Studios about its alleged financial struggles.

ABC6 News tried several times to reach out to the company by phone and e-mail and we even went to its offices to try and find out more about the company's financial condition.

38 Studios currently employees about 300-people.

A few employees did speak with ABC6 News off camera as they left the office. Those who talked said that they didn't know that the company was in any financial trouble.