Vince Wilfork Agrees to Patriots Contract Extension

Ken Bell

Patriots tackle Vince Wilfork has agreed to a contract extension with the Patriots.  ESPN reports the deal is for three years at $22.5M dollars.

Wilfork had asked for his release and reportedly had taken his name plate off his locker after negotiations went badly.  Now, a change of heart.

Wilfork tweeted the following this afternoon,

“It's been hard to remain quiet and let things take its course but it has been the best thing to do,” Wilfork wrote. “Negotiations are never easy especially when you have a 10 year history with a team and more importantly relationships. For those who have supported me I thank you,” adding, “for those who have called me every name in the book I thank you too.

“My intentions have never changed,” he wrote. “10 years ago my goal was to retire a patriot and as I sit here typing this I am closer to achieving my goal. I look forward to getting back to football and helping my team compete and have a chance at winning a Super Bowl.”