Vinny Paz defends himself

By: Liz Tufts


Boxer Vinny Paz is sticking to his story after being accused of hitting two women inside a bar on Federal Hill.

      Paz says he's being accused of something that never happened. “There is not a mark on their face there's no blood no cut, not a scratch there's not a red mark on them I did not hit anybody, ” says Vinny Paz.

     But that's not what two women claim happened here inside the Bradford bar on federal hill early Sunday morning. One woman accuses Paz of grabbing her breast. Another says he punched her in the throat…and was pulled across the bar floor by her hair. Paz's story is much different.  “A girl pulled my hair and I got her hands off of me and the next thing I know the cops were there, ” says Paz.

     He does admit to one thing though. “Do I have a drinking problem? yea maybe, yea whenever there's alcohol involved there's always problems, ” admits Paz.

     But he won't admit to hitting women and he says he can prove it. “I've been with a lot of women in my life and you can call anyone of them.”

     Paz says he's been frequenting providence bars for more than 30 years…and never gets into trouble. On Sunday morning he thinks he was targeted. “Not too may people have done what I've done from this state or any state because of that you have to take what goes with it, ” adds Paz.