Viola Davis’ Family Back From The Oscars

The 16 year old niece of Oscar nominee Viola Davis came off of cloud nine Tuesday. The Lincoln High School junior returned from Hollywood, where she and her mother tagged along with Davis at the Academy Awards.  

Who'd you meet? What'd you see, and what about Angelina Jolie's right leg? Those are some of the questions 16 year old AnnaBella Grant told us she was bombarded with Tuesday when she got back to school.

“Oh look at the earrings,” said Deloris Grant, “They're almost a million dollars that auntie's wearing.”

AnnaBella Grant's aunt, Viola Davis, may not have taken home the Oscar for best actress, but the teen and her mom, Davis' sister Deloris, brought home a lot of memories from the Academy Awards.

“I like that I have the experience because it really instills in your brain that all these people that everyone's obsessed with are just like everyone else,” said AnnaBella.

That didn't stop AnnaBella's classmates at Lincoln High from peppering her with questions, especially about that Angelina Jolie pose.

“They were like what did the leg thing look like,” said AnnaBella, “Is there a reason she did that, do you know, and I was like I don't really talk to her.”

For AnnaBella, it was more about sharing the moment with her Aunt Viola and getting her hand me down designer shoes. Lucky for her, they wear the same size.

“She gave me a pair of Christian Louboutin heels and a pair of Chanel heels, and I was really excited,” said AnnaBella, “I was like hyper-ventilating and I call my best friend, and I was like 'Oh My God' and she was like 'Oh My God' and we were jumping up and down and it was bad.”

The Hollywood experience, which was a first for AnnaBella, was also a treat for Deloris. “I think my daughter experiencing this with me is a moment of a lifetime, and I hope that we can do it again,” said Deloris.

Deloris is confident Viola will get another nomination. After all, this was her second one.