Viola Davis Speaks at Women’s Summit

By: Chelsea Priest

We see her walking red carpets, presenting awards, and staring in major motion pictures. But today, Viola Davis was a speaker at Bryant University's Women's Summit. This years theme, “Be the CEO of your life.”

Davis explains the topic of her speech, “My speech will center around, my life has always been twotrains leaving the station at the same time and that's the professional and thepersonal.”

Currently the actress is working on a new drama created by Shonda Rimes called “How to Get Away with Murder.” She is playing a criminal defense attorney. She says, “It's a great role for me because it's outside mycomfort zone she's sexy, she's ambitious, she's hard core, she's mysterious,she's all the things that usually people don't allow me to play!”

And when she comes back to Rhode Island, there are a few things she can't miss. “I have to go to capital grille, I went to capital grillewith my mom, my niece and my sister the other day, and I have to see my mom,um, I used to have to go to Gregg's too.”

And of course she makes a visit to Central Falls, a community she is still very connected to. The actress has donated $60,000 this year to the chess and drama clubs at Central Falls High School. She is a big inspiration to the students there. Explaining, “If I had to guess, especially for the young students there,that I'm a physical manifestation of their dreams, that I'm a true proponentthat you have to see it to believe it.”

(C) WLNE-TV 2014