Viola Davis talks about her new show premiering on ABC6

By: Alexandra Cowley


Ahead of its premiere we got an opportunity to chat with the star of the show Central Falls native Viola Davis.

The growing Hollywood star says that her upbringing here in Rhode Island is a big reason why she’s been so successful.

In her latest role, Viola Davis puts her film career on hold to play Annalise Keating in ABC’s new legal drama.

Keating is a passionate law professor at a prestigious university in Philadelphia who gets wrapped up in a murder plot.

She does whatever it takes to win her case.

The character Davis portrays in her current role somewhat reminds her of her childhood growing up in Central Falls.

She remembers doing whatever it took, then to make something of herself.

“I think because it was tough, I had to dream big, I had to be passionate about my dreams, and I had to be passionate about finding a way out finding something to do to get me out,” said Davis.

Her dreams have certainly come true. Her career began on stage but you probably know her best for her roles in “The Help” and “Doubt” earning her a nomination at the academy awards and the golden globes.

“I don’t know if I would have worked so hard if my childhood weren’t so tough, so in a weird way. It was a blessing.”

Davis is admired in her hometown as proof dreams can become reality.

“Especially I feel a kindred spirit to the kids in central falls that absolutely who they are is enough,” said Davis. “I wanna be her.”

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