Video of Lynn Teens Fighting Goes Viral

27 students from Lynn English High School in Massachusetts have been suspended after just standing around and watching a bitter, brutal fight between two teenage girls, that looked like an underground MMA fight.

The entire 8-minute brawl was all caught on camera and now the video has gone viral. It shows two teenage girls trading blow after blow. And what's most astounding, is the dozens of on-lookers, who do absolutely nothing to stop it.

No-one seemed terribly concerned by the violence on display, in fact dozens of teens were circled around the girls, with their cell-phone cameras at the ready to record all the action.

During the fight video, one teen girl watching the fight, can be heard screaming, “Hit her, hit her, hit her.”

Halfway through the fight, one of the girls grabs her opponent's head and pounds it into a stone-wall.

The brutality of the video was shocking to many in Lynn, and led Lynn English High School, to hand out some harsh punishments, to all involved.

“They were given a range of punishments ranging from 5-day suspension for the 2-girls, 3-days for anyone seen videotaping, and 1-day for anyone who was observing and not doing anything about the fight.” said Lynn English High School Principal Thomas Strangie.

On Tuesday, Lynn English High School intends to hold an all-school assembly to talk about what happened, in an effort to try and make sure that it doesn't happen again.