Vodka robber on the loose in Warwick, W. Warwick liquor stores

By Abbey Niezgoda

There's a drain on a certain type of vodka in Warwick and West Warwick, and not because it is selling out. The liquor thief whose to blame was caught on camera.

“He's like a one man crime spree,” Paul Joyal of Joyal's Liquors said.

In the surveillance video, you can see a man slip a bottle of Ciroc Vodka in his pants and then start posing.

“He's got an attitude about it,” Joyal said. “He's like there I am take the
pictures all you want!”

The man seems to find out he is being recorded and then takes off. Employees first realized what was happening after noticing a shortage of Ciroc Vodka last week.

“He's well over 30 bottles,” Joyal said. “That seems to be his drink of

Liquor store owners in the area began to notice a pattern. The same individual who was caught on camera at Joyals was seen stealing the same liquor in stores across the area.

Three liquor stores in all – Joyal's in West Warwick and two Haxton's in Warwick. Mike Mangilli of Microtech Surveillance monitors the cameras at all of them.

“He is definitely a seasoned professional. He was hitting up all the stores,” Mangilli said. “I knew eventually he would be here [at Joyal's] and sure enough.”

The stores have turned over the video to police who have yet to catch up with the vodka-craving thief. In the meantime, employees keep a picture of him in their cash registers and wait for an arrest.

“I do everything to prevent it,” Joyal said. “I would rather not have
someone arrested, but believe me when I go home at night after an arrest, I
sleep like a baby.”