Voter fatigue: Pollsters struggle to collect data for Brown poll

Jim Morone, a Brown University political science professor and Director of the Taubam Center tells ABC 6 News his team had a very tough time putting together the latest poll on the presidential race because of what appears to be voter fatigue.

"People as soon as they found out we were a polling operation they said sick of all of this and hang up,” said Morone.

The difficulties lead the team to push back the release of the data to this coming Sunday.

Morone, a self proclaimed political science junkie, found the difficulties especially surprising because Tuesday’s primary vote in the Ocean State could have major implications in the outcome of the presidential race.

"The average voter and this isn’t just people on the street these are people who are used to voting they don’t want to talk about it anymore,” said Morone.

Morone says it took nearly 20,000 names of people who are known voters to get enough people to fill their sample size of 600.

"When we announce on Sunday we will have a good robust sample but what struck us is that it’s never taken as many phone calls to get the statistically right number of people,” said Morone.

Morone says it’s not clear at this point if the voter fatigue will translate into lower turnout.

He says his team is still working on calculations, but like many others he is expecting the Democratic race between front runner Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to be a close one.

Again the full poll will be released on Sunday.

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