Harris delivers graduation speech to Coast Guard’s class of 2022

This was the largest graduating class in the academy's history.
Vp Graduation Speech

NEW LONDON, Conn. (WLNE) — Vice President Kamala Harris giving the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s 2022 Commencement Speech on Wednesday, telling cadets they are beginning their service at a crucial time in history.

This was the 141st commencement ceremony at the academy.

“You all are graduating into a world that’s going to need your leadership, one that is full of possibility and the promise of progress. At the same time, the same world you graduate to is a world that is unsettled,” Harris said.

Harris reflected on the state of the world and our country — just days after the mass shooting in Buffalo that claimed the lives of ten innocent people. Harris also discussing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Over time, this order has been tried. This order has been tested. And far too often, this order has been taken for granted,” Harris said. “Frankly, sometimes we forget how rare it is in human history to have a period of relative peace and stability among nations.”

This was the largest graduating class in the academy’s history with 252 cadets. The academy said that includes nine international cadets from Cambodia, Iceland, Jordan, Mexico, Madagascar, Palau, Panama, Rwanda and Ukraine.

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