Walk to remember burn victims held in Providence

By: Alexandra Cowley


Their scars tell their stories, burn victims, from all
over the country, walk in providence Wednesday night in solidarity. The walk is especially emotional for a woman
who survived the station nightclub fire.

Kathy Pelchat first walked alongside other burn victims 10
years ago, just 7 months after making it out of the Station Nightclub fire.

“The only thing was just get out, how do I get out of here, the lights went out very

Pelchat vividly remembers
the night she went to see the rock band Great White.

“It was just a regular night going out with friends
having a good time,”she explained.

That night Pelchat would be caught up in the fourth deadliest
fire in US history. 100 people were killed when the band's pyrotechnics ignited, the club engulfed in flames. Pelchat doesn't even remember how she escaped.

“I was told I walked out on my own but I don't
know,” she said.

Burn victims like Pelchat, from across the country, gathered
in Providence for the Phoenix Society's annual Walk to Remember. It's held in a different state each year, and Pelchat has walked every single time, since walking out
of the station fire alive. She has burns on 25 percent of her body.

“It gives us a chance to be around other people who've
been through what we've been through,” said Pelchat.

Every face has a story to tell, and sharing, Pelchat says,
is part of the healing process.

“We make each other feel good about getting back to living,
and realizing that you can live after a burn injury,” Pelchat said.

The walk also brings awareness to fire prevention and
safety. The night of the Station Fire, too many people were
packed into the club, with not enough emergency exits.

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