UPDATE: Justice Andrade turns himself in for death of Ty-shon Perry

 By Dana Griffin



PROVIDENCE, RI–Homicide suspect, Justice Andrade turned himself into Providence Police, Monday– two days after allegedly shooting 20–year–old Ty–shon Perry.

Perry later died at Rhode Island Hospital.

Police say he wasn’t the intended target.

Near the intersection of Allston Street and River Avenue, a growing makeshift memorial sits near the steps where Perry ran for help after being shot.

His death is the 10th Providence murder this year.

“I think the shootings are occurring because other kids have no options around here to express their anger,” said Adriel Bishop.

Bishop, a 22–year- old, is making a documentary about violence in the capital city.

As business and political leaders plan to discuss the violence at Billy Taylor Park, this young film maker says, talking won’t solve the issue.

Bishop said, “That’s cool having a bunch of people in suits talking about why its going on but, if you’re not in the actual neighborhoods giving people other options, ain’t nothing gonna change.”

Perry has a 1-year–old son. He recently graduated from New England Tech and had his hopes set on becoming a Rhode Island state trooper.

“He took our written test. There were 1,526 people who took the written test,” said Lt. Colonel, Karen Pinch.

Pinch says it’s unfortunate anytime a young person is killed, especially when they want to be a part of the solution.

Pinch adds, “There’s a lot more that goes into it before a person can become a trooper. He could have been one of them, but it’s hard to know.”

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