Wareham food pantry shut down

By: Liz Tufts



Mold, bugs and other serious health violations have permanently shut down a food pantry in Wareham.

The food pantry inside the Multi-Service center in Wareham
may look small, but it helped feed dozens of the town's seniors.

The door to the pantry is locked until further notice, shut down after a worker noticed a freezer door open. And what they found inside was shocking. “We had severe mold growth coming through the carpet up onto
the tiles above and through out the freezer, we also had an infestation of
bugs, ” says Derek Sullivan, the town's administrator.

The health department was called in, cleaning crews ripped up the carpet, tore off the
ceiling's tiles and put up a sign letting people know the pantry is

The closure is now leaving seniors like 92–year–old Paline Faira wondering where she'll get her food. “It hurt me bad cause I can't get what I want, ” says Faira.

The food pantry, run by volunteers, is located in the same
building as the town's senior center. The town is hoping to partner up with two other food banks in town to help feed the seniors.