Warm Weather May Increase Spring Nuisances

With temperatures over 70° on Monday, it certainly didn't feel like the middle of March! Average temperatures for this time of year are in the mid 40's. Most of us are enjoying the warm weather but it could have some negative impacts soon.

Dr. Robert Settipane has been in the Allergy and Asthma business for over twenty years.  He says, “I actually think that we could see more pollen this year because it's been such a mild winter. The trees are going to be in good shape to make a lot of pollen.”

And it's not just the pollen count that is the worry. The spring starting a bit sooner may prolong the allergy season and make it more difficult for those who suffer from allergies. Settipane says, “the season tends to build, so the longer the season lasts, the worse the symptoms get.”

There is hope for pollen counts to stay low depending on the amount of rain we see this spring. More rain will mean less pollen in the air.

As for the pesky and sometimes dangerous mosquitos, Rhode Island DEM says it's still a bit to early to tell how the mild winter will effect the mosquito count but will have a better idea in a few weeks.