Warning for pet owners in hot weather conditions

A Pet Safety Warning from the Rhode Island SPCA:

Leaving Pets in Parked Cars Can Be a Deadly Mistake!

NEVER leave your pet unattended in a parked car for ANY period of time. On a warm day, temperatures in a parked car can reach 120* or more in minutes – even if parked in the shade, and even with the windows rolled down. Your pet could quickly suffer heat stroke and could even die. If a pet is exposed to high temperatures, you should:

1) Look for signs of heat stress: Heavy panting, glazed eyes, dark red/purple tongue, unsteadiness/lack of coordination, vomiting and/or rapid pulse.

2) Lower their body temperature: Move them to the shade, apply cool (NOT cold!) water all over their body. Put ice packs and/or cold towels on the pet's head, neck and chest ONLY.

3) Hydrate the pet: Give them small amounts of cool water or ice cubes to lick.

4) Take the pet to a veterinarian IMMEDIATELY. – that could save their life.

If you see an animal showing signs of heat stress, immediately contact 911, the police and/or local animal control and attempt to find the owner (if not your own pet). Remember, every second matters.