Warren woman charged for causing bus crash in Berkley

TAUNTON, Mass. (WLNE) – A Warren woman was arrested for causing a school bus full of families to run off the road this weekend. Several people were injured.

Prosecutors say she was driving drunk when she hit a car causing her to spin out in front of the bus that was carrying First Student employees and their families.

The driver of the car stuck in the middle of it all says he couldn’t believe his eyes. The school bus flipped several times leaving many of the people seriously hurt.

A holiday celebration turned horrific. A school bus carrying 23 adults and children for a first student company event ran off of Route 24 Saturday night.

“This car hit us from the back and went swerving and swerving and then she went and stopped right in front of the bus and then the bus hit her and then went off the road, it flipped 2 or 3 times, it was bad,” says Pedro Correia, the driver of the 3rd car involved.

Correia’s car only has a few scratches. He says he’s lucky he’s not hurt but he can’t shake what he saw. Dozens of adults and small children hurt, one with a broken jaw, others with broken ribs and internal bleeding.

“I’m still thinking about it, it’s sad,” he says.

Prosecutors say Christy Gilpatrick, a 27 year old from Warren, was driving drunk when it all happened.

“Accident deconstructionists’ preliminary investigation revealed that this defendant is responsible for setting the accident in motion,” says Cynthia Letourneau, the prosecutor.

Gilpatrick’s car also landed in the woods. She wasn’t hurt but did help others.

“She started assisting, taking the children off the bus and when troopers arrived she was on the side of the road comforting 2 kids,” says her defense attorney Fiore Porreca.

Her dad says they’re praying for the people who were hurt.

“She could’ve stayed home but she decided to drive so that’s a bad decision for her,” says Correia.

A GoFundMe was set up to help the victims of this crash, to visit this page or donate click here.

Gilpatrick posted bail and will be back in court in February.