Warwick City Council Gives OK on Airport Expansion

The expansion of the main runway at T. F. Green Airport is finally ready to go, after the Warwick City Council, agreed on Wednesday night to drop its lawsuit.

The agreement to drop the suit was unanimous and put an end to almost 12-years of fighting and bickering over the potential for expansion.

“This agreement addresses so many of the mitigating factors that we didn't have the opportunity to speak on or guarantee as an enforcement agreement for the citizens and businesses.” said Warwick City Councilwoman Camille Vella-Wilkinson.

Wilkinson and her colleagues on the council and those who work with the state, seem relieved that the battle over extending the main runway at T. F. Green by nearly 1,500-feet to accommodate national and international flights, has come to an end.

“This really allows us to move forward with some very important infrastructure at the airport, this allows this airport to grow, develop, and to be competitive.” said Rhode Island Airport Corporation CEO, Kevin Dillon.

Not everyone at the meeting though was so pleased with the agreement. Several Warwick residents have concerns about what the agreement will mean down the road.

“I don't think that we really have a strong agreement that benefits the affected residents and the environment.” said Warwick resident Michelle Komar.

And those who are skeptical about the agreement and the potential expansion wonder if too high a price is being paid, by residents and the environment, so that the city and state can see a potential economic windfall.

“What price is progress? What price do you pay? Your home, your yard, or more pollution.” said Warwick resident Phillip D'Ercole.

Now that the litigation issue has been settled, the next step towards expansion will be applying for both state and federal funds, to help pay for the cost of the expansion.