Warwick Family Says Goodbye to Murdered Son

“I would like people to know he's a really cool brother,” said Ethan Cunningham. The 6 year-old remembered his big brother who was gunned down over the weekend.

About 200 relatives and friends filled Carl Cunningham's yard in Warwick Wednesday for a candlelight vigil. The 23 year old was shot and killed over the weekend at his ex-girlfriend's home.

Family members told us it's even harder, because they don't think Carl was the target of those bullets.

There were a lot of hugs and tears at the vigil Wednesday. His father broke down remembering the son he calls a great guy.

“I can't do this,” said Carl's Cunningham's father. He said he was so overwhelmed by all the people who showed up to his son's vigil, he couldn't speak.

“I expected to see 20, 30 people,” said the dad, “I didn't expect to see so many.” 200 friends and family filled his yard, lighting candles and comforting each other.

“All this is for him, everything,” said Ethan Cunningham, “It's not for everybody else, just for him.”

Carl's youngest brother Ethan doesn't really grasp what happened, but knows his big brother is gone.

“He used to help me open the presents and he used to sit there and just tell me how much he loved us,” said Ethan.

Now there's only memories like his brand new car his dad said he cherished and pictures.

“He was just with his friends and Carl happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Carl's dad.

Carl's dreams of becoming a truck driver like his dad never to be fulfilled. “He told my brother he wanted to be like me, he's a good kid he really was,” said his dad.

The vigil lasted for three hours. As for the man accused of killing Cunningham, 25 year old Tony Gonzalez, he's charged with murder.