Warwick man charged with conspiring to support ISIS

By News Staff
Reporting by Matt Blanchette

A Warwick man arrested as part of the Boston terror plot is now charged with conspiracy to support ISIS terrorists.

24-year-old Nicholas Rovinski was taken into custody at his home on Aspinet Drive Thursday night and brought before a Federal Court judge in Boston Friday.

Rovinksi is confirmed to be the third individual who met with Usaama Rahim and David Wright on Warwick beach 13 days ago to discuss their plans, as explained in a court affidavit.

Rovinski walked slowly into a Boston Federal courtroom wearing a blue t-shirt, grey sweatpants, slippers, shackles, and hand-cuffs.

State Police and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force camped out at the Aspinet Drive home where he lives with his mother and brother in the Governor Francis Farms area of Warwick since June 2nd. He was arrested nine days later without incident

The FBI says Rovinski changed his name to Nuh Amiriki in order to interact more comfortable with his ISIS brothers, telling them he has converted to Islam two years ago.

While being questioned by investigators Rovinski said all people should be under the rule of ISIS and those that refused would be killed, including his family.

According to the FBI, the terror plot unfolded when Rovinski met with David Wright, and Usaama Rahim on the beach on Warwick. There, they three discussed the killing of activist Pamela Geller in New York City, who had arranged a controversial cartoon contest depicting the prophet Mohammed. Rahim later changed the plan, switching the target to the “boys in blue.” 

Rahim was shot and killed by police in Boston on June 2nd when they tried to question him. Wright was arrested that same day in Everett, Massachusetts.

Rovinski told the FBI he was willing to provide support the terrorist act in any way necessary.

Both Rovinski and Wright will appear in court next Friday; Rovinski scheduled for a probable cause and a bail hearing.

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