Warwick man’s work van stolen from parking lot

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE)- Robert Filipkowski Jr.’s life has been upended, after what should have been a routine trip to make a return at Kohl’s in Warwick.

Filipkowski has run Flip’s Painting and Powerwashing for the past 15 years, a job that by necessity requires tools and and transportation.

Both of which Filipkowski had– until Monday, when he exited the Kohl’s and discovered they’d disappeared.

The van, a generator, drop cloths, brushes, and tools he’d had for decades– all gone.

“It kind of broke me,” Filipkowski said. He’d already ready been struggling with trying to adapt his business to coronavirus protocols.

To make matters worse, Filipkowski has since learned that the surveillance cameras in the parking lot weren’t turned on, leaving police without much of a clue to work from.

While he continues to work out of his jeep, and picks up tools as he needs them, it hasn’t made his life any easier.

Still, he says he willing to negotiate with the thieves that dealt him a raw deal.

“Keep the tools– those can be replaced,” Filipkowski said.  “But the van- I need it. They can just ditch the van on the side of the road, and I can recover and I’ll be happy with that.”

Since the theft, he’s posted a picture of the van on social media, where it’s been shared thousands of times, but has yet to turn up any leads.

Anyone that sees the van, or has a tip on where it might be, is asked to call the Warwick Police Department.


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