Warwick mayor urges residents to not feed coyotes in Oakland Beach area

A hybrid puppy, originally mistaken for a rare black coyote, wanders Oakland Beach in Warwick, Tuesday, April 18, 2023. (WLNE)

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — Warwick Mayor Frank Picozzi is urging residents not to feed coyotes roaming the city.

The mayor’s message comes after two black coyotes have been spotted regularly in the Oakland Beach area.

An ABC 6 News crew was reporting on the coyotes sightings in the area Tuesday and spotted the duo in the wandering in the street.

Picozzi said he has received reports that residents are feeding the coyotes, which violates state and city law.

“Feeding them is prohibited by state law and city ordinance and we will be strictly enforcing it,” wrote the mayor.

The mayor noted he spoke to a coyote expert Wednesday who reiterated that as long as people keep feeding them, the coyotes will stay in the area.

“She also told me that a coyotes habitat is usually a three mile perimeter which in this case could mean Warwick Neck, Oakland Beach, and Buttonwoods,” added Picozzi.

Picozzi said state law dictates the coyotes can not be captured nor relocated and is reminding residents to keep an eye out for their pets and to not leave food out.

“Approaching these animals is foolhardy and dangerous. They are not pets, they are animals that live in the wild and if they feel like they’re in danger they may defend themselves,” the mayor concluded.

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