Warwick Neck Lighthouse up for grabs to nonprofits, city, state

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — The United States General Services Administration listed a notice of availability on May 15 for the Warwick Neck Lighthouse, the single-family keeper’s house, and the 0.8 acres of land at the tip of Warwick point.

“This lighthouse is viewed by people all day long. All day long cars come down, take pictures take a look and turn around. Whether it is raining or snowing.. There is something about this lighthouse people are attached to,” said Brian Mazmanian, a Warwick resident.

The city of Warwick and Mayor Frank Picozzi are looking to take advantage of a deal from the federal government, offering the Warwick Neck Lighthouse for free to local nonprofits, the state, or the city.

Picozzi explained, “I used to fish there as a boy. Peninsula — probably one of the most panoramic views of the bay of any location. I want to keep it open so there is access for the public. I mean, we can’t make a park out of it since there is no parking, but we would have to have limited and structured public access.”

While the lighthouse may be free, the new owner has to follow rules about public access and public use. Letters of interest by qualified buyers are due July 14.

“We can partner up with the veterans organizations, give limited and structured public access, bring in seniors. We can have actual functions there — police promotions, etc. There are endless possibilities,” said Picozzi. 

Warwick residents shared their thoughts about the lighthouse sale with ABC 6 News and are in line with their mayor.

“I would love for the city of Warwick to get it. And for it to be a nice added piece of real estate that we could all enjoy,” Nancy Bucci said.

Mazmanian expressed how keeping the lighthouse can be turned into something for future generations to learn from. 

“It would be educational. I think it would be good for the kids.. They can come here for a field trip to have sandwiches and learn about the ocean and to maybe have a chance to turn the light on. Something where they can be interactive with the past,” he said.

If no group applies by the July 14 deadline or the General Services Administration rejects the applications, the lighthouse and 0.8 acres of property will go to a public auction.

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