Warwick North Softball Team Welcomed Home after run in the Little League World Series

By Ana Bottary


Family and Friends celebrate, as the girls from the Warwick North Softball team return to their home field.  They’re coming off an outstanding season, playing their hearts out in the little league world series.
"It’s a great team, great girls, stuck together. Not one weak point in that line up, whether you’re a starter or a sub. Top to bottom anyone can fill that spot, everyone did a great job,"says head coach, Kevin Detoroia
The team went up to the world series with a 10 and 0 record, Getting their first loss against Uganda. But fought there way back to the semifinals, and then on to the championship game. Despite coming up short just two runs in Wednesday nights game against North Carolina, the girls have a positive attitude.
"We got up two runs, came up two runs short we tried our best and that’s all that really matters right now," says player, Bryanna Rastella.
"I mean we did make it to the world series, so what is there to be upset about? i mean we made it to the final game,"adds player Olivia Murray.
The coaches say these girls gave up their entire summer to play the game they love. And if you ask them, they wouldn’t trade this season for the world.
11 of the 13 girls on the team will not be returning next year due to their ages, and say the end of the season is a bitter sweet time.
"Yeah I’m going to miss this team a lot.. There all my sisters, and it’s going to feel weird not seeing them everyday…We will probably all stick together either way, we are all like family,"says player Sierra Ricci.

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