Warwick Nursing Home Will Close Voluntarily

Under pressure of having its license revoked by the state, Pawtuxet Village nursing home in Warwick decided to shutdown.

The move has left the 80 or so
people who are cared for there, and their family members, wondering what's next.

“Where is she going to go now? Am I going to go everyday and make sure she gets proper care? How do I know? It's just wrong” said Carol Monteiro, whose mother lives at Pawtuxet.

The problems at the nursing home have been ongoing for years, with both the state of Rhode Island and the federal government, handing the
nursing home violations for everything from quality of life issues, to citations for incorrect medication dosing.

The state plans to work with Pawtuxet's residents and their families, to help them make the transition to a new place.

But for now, many residents feel overwhelmed, knowing that the situation is out of their hands.

“They're all comforting each other and telling each other that its gonna to be alright.” said former Pawtuxet worker Ana Welch.