Warwick police advise people to keep distance, not to feed coyote pups

A hybrid puppy, originally mistaken for a rare black coyote, is seen at Oakland Beach in Warwick. (Warwick police)

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — Warwick police are urging residents to keep their distance from black coyote pups walking around the Oakland Beach area.

The police department and the Warwick Animal Shelter took to social media to ask residents to simply leave the coyotes alone so they will move on.

Police said the most important thing is to never feed the coyotes.

“Keeping coyotes wild is the key to coexistence,” the department wrote. “Their life and your safety depend upon coyotes remaining naturally wary of people.”

Although coyotes are not typically dangerous to humans, pet owners are advised to keep cats inside for the time being and to walk dogs on a leash. Dogs in fenced-in yards should be supervised.

The state Department of Environmental Management says reported behavior of the coyotes is normal and there is no cause for alarm.

Officials noted it’s common for coyotes to be out during the day as they are not strictly nocturnal.


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