Warwick Police investigate 33 car break-ins Monday, numbers growing

By Kirsten Glavin



WARWICK, RI –  Warwick Police are investigating after 33 car break-ins were reported in the Cowesett neighborhood, Monday morning.  Amy Laboissonniere, a resident on Edmond Drive, discovered nearly $300 missing, from her center console that afternoon.

"They were just looking straight for money,” Laboissonniere said, showing ABC6 where her wallet was stolen.  She explained her wallet was left in the car over the weekend. Her doors were unlocked Sunday night.

"The feeling that someone has come into your car and taken something is just a terrible invasion of privacy,” said Laboissonniere.

But not everything stolen was kept. Multiple neighbors found stolen belongings tossed aside on the street. On Pasco Circle… An empty purse was found on the grass near a sidewalk.

"I was walking to my car to go to work, and I saw a purse lying on the ground. I picked it up,” said Michael Connely, a resident on the street.

At least 12 Warwick streets in total reported car break-ins, beginning as early as 10pm Sunday night. One man wanting to remain unidentified, told ABC6 News that he had  two of his cars ransacked.

"It just looked like they threw everything everywhere. The whole car was turned upside down.”

Warwick Police say they are looking for 3 suspects, but even with the investigation ongoing, residents in the Cowessett area were on edge, Monday evening.

"It’s been a very quiet neighborhood. I have not had any problems, so we’re going to have to start paying more attention,” said Steven Fielding of Pasco Circle.