Warwick Police release composite of suspect in unsolved murder

By Niza Viñas


Reporting By: Rebecca Turco

Nearly 3 years after the mysterious murder of a Warwick man, Police have used D.N.A. to generate a composite image of what the suspect may possibly look like.

John (Jack) Fay was murdered May 17, 2013 at Warwick City Park. Using the D.N.A. found on the crime scene, police requested a Snapshot Phenotype Report. This technology provides an analysis to predict the physical appearance of the suspect. This report is commonly used to narrow the list of possible suspects.

The composite profile predicts skin, eye, and hair color; as well as the shape of the face and detailed biogeographic ancestry.

This composite however, is not an exact match to the person who committed the murder. It also doesn’t predict hair length, facial hair, or other factors such as body piercings, tattoos, or dyed hair. "Environmental factors could influence changes in the profile," explained Dennis Hilliard, director of the Rhode Island State Crime Laboratory. "The emphasis is keeping this idea fresh in the minds of the public so that they don’t forget."

Anyone with information on this case should contact Sergeant Canning at 401-468- 4236, or the anonymous TIP at 401-732-TIPS.

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