UPDATE: Officer-Involved shooting of aggressive canine

By Josh Faiola

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WARWICK, R.I (WLNE) – Two dogs were shot and killed after Warwick police responded to a call that three dogs who appeared to be aggressive were roaming loose. 

According to Police, on Thursday at approximately 8:32 a.m, the department responded to the ara of 198 Buttonwoods Avenue for the report of three large, potentially aggressive dogs roaming loose. 

Police say upon arrival, they learned that one of the three dogs was reported to have bitten the reporting party. 

A short time later, the dogs were located in the area of 150 Keeley Avenue by a Warwick Animal Control Officer. 

Police say as the officer moved towards his vehicle to retrieve the proper tools to take custody of the dogs, two of the three dogs aggressively charged him. 

According to the department, as the officer attempted to retreat to his vehicle, the dogs charged him, at which point, he feared for his safety and discharged his firearm. 

Two of the three dogs were shot and killed at the scene. 

Police say the third dog fled the scene and is still on the loose. 

The incident remains under investigation at this time

Police urge anybody with information related to the whereabouts of the third dog to contact the department.

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The Warwick Police department is asking for the public’s assistance as the investigation into Use of Force involving dogs in the Buttonwoods area continues. 

The department is hoping the people can help establish an accurate sequence of events from August 15h before, during and after the two dogs were shot. 



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Anybody who witnessed these dogs in the footage is asked to contact the Warwick Police Department. 

A police officer on scene said when he encountered the dogs, they aggressively charged at him, and he fired at them for protection.