Warwick residents spot black coyotes, officials say to stay aware

WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — Officials are urging the public to be aware of wandering black coyotes after the Warwick Police Department received multiple calls for sightings near Oakland Beach.

ABC 6 News crews witnessed two black coyotes walking down Sea View Drive near Oakland Beach on Tuesday. One nearby resident said she saw the coyotes while at work on Monday.

“So, yesterday, we saw two black coyotes, they were just on the beach, I saw a glimpse of them, they came up on the deck we have and they just ran back on the beach,” said Warwick resident Janessa Clements.

Clements works at Iggy’s Boardwalk on Oakland Beach. Clements could not believe her eyes when she looked out the window at work Monday.

“I think the last time I saw one was when I was in kindergarten,” Clements said.

A coyote pup wanders Oakland Beach in Warwick, Tuesday, April 18, 2023. (WLNE)

Another resident said he has no issue with them wandering around the area.

“I don’t have a problem with it, I think they have the right to live wherever they want,” he explained.

While a black coyote may be uncommon to see, it’s not unheard of. The Department of Environmental Management said black coyotes are no different than any other coyote.

“If the coyote is encroaching on somebody’s personal space or on their property, they can be scared away. We call it hazing, so they can be scared, you know, you can holler at them, you can bang pots and pans,” said Morgan Lucot, a biologist with the Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Lucot said to never approach a coyote.

She said coyotes are not particularly dangerous and there have been no known attacks of humans in Rhode Island, but pets are a different story.

A coyote pup wanders Oakland Beach in Warwick, Tuesday, April 18, 2023. (WLNE)

“If you know you’ve got coyotes frequenting your yard, keep your cat indoors and put your smaller dogs on a leash, particularly at dawn and dusk,” she said.

Clements said she’ll be staying aware of the wild animals as she takes walks with her dog down the beach.

“I would not approach them at all and I would definitely keep them on the leash,” said Clements.

Lucot also said it’s extremely important to not feed the coyotes, or leave any food outside.

“It’s grilling season, if your grill is uncleaned or if you keep a trashcan with meat scraps next to it, that should be brought inside too. All of those types of things can attract coyotes,” explained Lucot.

According to officials, seeing coyotes at anytime is not a concern, although they are more active at dusk and dawn.

Remember, do not approach a coyote, and keep your pets inside if they’re around your home.

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