Warwick Vets Junior High students using Instagram accounts to cyber-bully classmates

By Kirsten Glavin



WARWICK, RI –  Students at Warwick Vets Junior High School have been using Instagram accounts as a way to bully other students at school, ABC6 has learned.

Tami Ward is one mother in Warwick who learned about the Instagram accounts through Facebook. She explained that another mother posted screenshots of some of the comments.

"How could anybody just say those things about another person and think that’s okay?" said Ward Friday evening.

The accounts, which change frequently in name, encourage students to send in “rants” about other students, with the promise of anonymity.

"They hide behind a computer and say anything they want, but they don’t understand what kind of harm it causes to other children,” added Ward.

Some of the posts are listed below:


Ward didn’t hesitate to call the accounts cyber-bullying.  Even though specific names aren’t mentioned in the posts ABC6 viewed on Friday, she explained that these types of mean spirited insults can be triggers for people like her daughter who live with a social anxiety disorder.

"She could be upset to the point where she doesn’t feel safe with herself, and then I have to take her to the hospital."

Ward wants to see parents speak to their kids and hopes the school department will get involved.

"In the scheme of everything, it’s parents, schools and social media. We should all be responsible for that."