Warwick Water Tower, coming down

By: Chelsea Priest


Warwick residents are a bit sad that the 100+ year old water tower is coming down. One said, “It's kind of sad, it's been there forever since as long as I can remember.” Others have memories of the tower, “As a kid, everyone would climb it…I have my initials at the top.” Some call it a landmark, “It's a landmark and it's sad that it's going, I understand why it has to go but no…I don't like it.”

With the new Apponaug Bypass Project expected to begin later this year, the property the tower is on was bought by the State D.O.T.

Mayor Scott Avedisian explained, “The new road system and a series of roundabouts will go through that piece or property.”

The city did look into moving the tower but because it is so old and so damaged the project would not only be costly, but dangerous.

In the most recent years, the tower has been used as a cell phone tower. Now that it will be coming down, a new tower will be built nearby on the Warwick Safety Complex property.

Mayor Avedisian goes on, “It allows the bypass project to move forward, it gets rid of a temporary traffic fix that was put into place in Apponaug decades ago and allows us to move forward with our plans of re–vitalizing Apponaug.” The new tower will also generate money for the city. “We know it will be at least 30 thousand a year to start, it could be as much as 60” said Avedisian.

And for those who are a bit sentimental about the landmark coming down, there is another Warwick water tower very similar near Warwick Mall.

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