Warwick woman looking for owner of pit bull who attacked her

By: Chloe Leshner



WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) — A Warwick woman is recovering after a pit bull bit her in the face last week right outside her house. Now she has questions for the owner who took off after the attack.

The woman tells ABC 6 News she only pet the dog because the owner told her she was friendly.

"It happened so fast," says Margie, who didn’t want to disclose her last name.

She’s on the mend but still shaken up after a pit bull attacked her last week.
"Everybody who knows me well knows I am an animal lover," she says.
Which is why she started talking to a woman walking her dog when she was standing at the end of her driveway.

"She said he’s a male, he loves lovings and he doesn’t bite. So I went like this with my hand, under, and I said oh you’re so handsome you’re so beautiful. And before I even finished saying the word beautiful, he lunged at my face," she says.
She says she instantly went into shock, worried about her 9 year old grandson who was also outside. The woman apologized but then left, leaving Margie with questions.
"I want to know if the dog had his rabies shots. Because of him I have to take a series, 9 series of rabies shots."
Her face is still sore and the inside of her mouth is bruised but she doesn’t have an ill will for the woman or her dog.
"I don’t want any harm to come to the dog, I really don’t. I just want to know did he have his rabies shots, that will put my mind at ease," she says.

She told police the woman was middle aged and blonde and the dog was gray with a little bit of white. The family is working on getting a copy of their home security footage to help authorities out.

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