WATCH: Teenage girl slingshots into seagull at 75 MPH

WILDWOOD, NJ (WLNE) – A stunning bird strike in mid-air is going viral on the internet, and it was a 13-year-old girl who absorbed the blow!

Kiley Holman was celebrating her friend’s birthday on the boardwalk in Wildwood New Jersey where they strapped into the slingshot ride.

The slingshot launches riders up at 75 miles per hour, and in Kiley’s case, right into a nearby seagull!

After a brief moment of being stuck on her face, Kiley was able to whisk the seagull off and it carried along seemingly uninjured.

Oddly enough, she says this is sort of a dream come true. She loves animals and always wanted to catch a seagull.

Kiley says she will continue to go on the slingshot ride.

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