Boil water advisory in effect for Kent County residents

By: Alexandra Cowley

The Kent County Water Authority has confirmed to ABC 6 News that a boil water alert is in effect immediately for certain Kent County residents. The authority was notified today that tests taken from a single tank on Friday, September 20th were contaminated. E. Coli was detected in a repeat sample taken. The source of the E. Coli is still under investigation. That tank has been removed from the system and more tests will be conducted until the Department of Health deems the water safe and lifts the boil water advisory.

25,000 residents serviced through the Kent County Water Authority are estimated to be affected by this. Tim Brown, director of the authority, says everyone should boil their water for at least one minute before drinking. This includes for infant baths, who may get the water in their mouths.

Brown says there are a few communities unaffected by the contamination. Those include the Oaklawn area of Cranston and Brookfield Plat of West Warwick. Brown says the Potowomut section of Warwick is also affected, which includes Kent County Hospital.

Brookfield Plat (West Warwick) not affected by boil water order:

-Alden Drive                                                                                   -Maryland Drive

-Brookdale Drive                                                                            -Maywood Drive

-Street's No. 3's thru 61 Crossland Road                                      -Midway Drive

-W.W. Bambino Baseball Field – Crossland Road                           -Oakland Drive

-Enfield Drive                                                                                 -Overhill Drive

-Fernwood Drive                                                                            -Shortway Drive

-Glendale Drive                                                                              -Steven Drive

-Hopedale Drive                                                                             -Suncrest Drive

-Janet Drive                                                                                    -Woodland Drive

-Linden Drive

-Street No.'s 855 thru 1027 Providence Street


Symptoms of drinking contaminated water include nausea and cramping.


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