WaterFire Arts Center debuts new earth & environment exhibit

The exhibit is open through May 1st, and highlights the beauty and fragility of our planet as well as the challenges our environment has been facing.

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – The WaterFire Arts Center has a new exhibit up and running.  It’s called “The Earth, the Environment, and Our Future.”

Barnaby Evans is the Executive Artistic Director of WaterFire.  Evans says, “As we look at the climate crisis, we thought it would be really instructive to have a series of artists address the issues of the earth, the environment, and our future, which is the title of the exhibition.”

The exhibit attempts to show the beauty and fragility of our world through art and science.  It features several art pieces depicting a huge tornado, a fire storm, a tsunami, and a rotating replica of the earth, 23 feet in diameter.

Evans says, “Plus we have a whole series of science panels that explain how we know what we know, how science works, some of the history of past devastations and the history of changing our main source of energy here in Rhode Island.”

There’s even a bell that will ring every time a species goes extinct.  The spirit of the exhibit is to point out not just the climate issues we’re facing, but what we can do to solve these issues.

Evans says, “We’re in this odd place where we know it’s happening, we actually know how to solve it, and we actually have the tools to solve it, but as a community we need to get together to talk about figuring out what’s an equitable way to go forward.”

The exhibit runs through May 1st.  Admission is free of charge but donations are encouraged.  For more information, visit their website: http://www.waterfire.org/earth

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