WaterFire security prepares for shows rain or shine

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — WaterFire shows are one of Providence’s proudest public art displays.

Security is a major priority for WaterFire Providence, which draws in large crowd. Police and security will be on standby in the downtown area.

Peter Mello, the managing director and Co-CEO of WaterFire Providence, explained, “We have been handling water that long and we have had no incidents of fire. We work very closely with the fire marshal, and we work very closely with all of the public safety officials including the police department to make sure we produce a safe event for everybody.”

Organizers expect up to 75,000 people at their full-lighting WaterFire shows.

“There are no entrances and exits you would have in a typical stadium and people expect to have free flowing access at an event like WaterFire,” Mello said.

Police will also assist with traffic flow as streets get busy and some even shut down.

“We work with public safety officers to make sure there is an officer in command from the police department, that is our point person on the event. Then, there is a number of police walking throughout the event. Probably the most challenging thing is the crossings at traffic lights,” said Mello.

Mello added they hold high expectations to put on the show no matter the weather conditions.

“WaterFire is a rain or shine event and the big part of it is that people travel from all over the world to experience WaterFire and we feel an obligation to actually put on the WaterFire,” said Mello.

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