Watertown store thought they sold big winner

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BRAINTREE, Mass. (WLNE) — The big Powerball winner in Massachusetts is coming forward Thursday afternoon.

The winner is now $758 million richer after hitting all the numbers in Wednesday night’s drawing.

However, there was a whole lot of confusion Thursday morning as to where that ticket was sold.

In fact, early Thursday morning ABC6 News was told that the winning ticket was sold in Watertown, but it turns out the Massachusetts Lottery got it wrong. That $758 million ticket was actually sold in Chicopee.

They said the mistake was simply a mix up. The winning ticket was sold at the Pride and Station store in Chicopee.

Originally, they announced that is where a million dollar winner had been sold.

“This was the result of a human error. Our internal systems always had the correct information for the locations involved, the prize amounts and the numbers involved. Later in the morning, our internal systems ran a report that runs each day that correctly identified the prize had been won,” said Michael Sweeney of the Massachusetts Lottery.

Now, once can only imagine what the owners of Handy Variety in Watertown are feeling Thursday. They were bombarded by a crowd Thursday morning when they opened at 6:30 a.m. speechless and emotional thinking they had sold the big winner.

It was a mom and pop shop and they have sold a few winning tickets in the past, but nothing compared to this one.

A bunch of neighbors were stopping in to say congratulations, but a few hours later, they got the call that they actually only sold a million dollar winner.

The owner remained positive and still glad one of her customers is walking away with a big win.

“Still happy but, what can we do?,” said store owner, Kamaljeet Kaur.

“I don’t know how the lottery had done that, everything’s on computers, but it’s nice to see the attention for the owners of the variety store,” said John Gannon.

The store that sold the winning ticket will get $50,000 and the owners of Handy Variety will still get $10,000 for selling that million dollar ticket.

At this time, the names of those lucky winners have not been released.

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