WEB EXTRA: Barrington, Scituate Offering Reward for Robbery Info

The Barrington and Scituate Police Departments are asking for the assistance of anyone who may have information regarding a series of burglaries that occurred in each community during the nighttime over the last several months.  

Numerous homes in both communities have been entered by suspect(s) during the nighttime who have removed pocketbooks and cash from within the residence.  To date, several vehicles have also been stolen as a result of these nighttime crimes.

Anyone providing information to either agency which leads to the arrest of these suspect(s) will be entitled to a $3,000 Crime Watch cash reward. 

If you have information, please call the Barrington Police Tip Line at 401-437-3933 or the Scituate Police Tip Line at 401-821-5902 or e-mail to Scituatepolice_Crimewatch@yahoo.com.  The Tip Lines are confidential telephone numbers that are not recorded.