WEB EXTRA: Kids Under 18 Can Get Free Meals in Providence

Free breakfast and lunch is available for kids 18 years old or younger from July 6 to August 20th in Providence. Here are the places that kids can get their breakfast and lunch on weekdays.

Hartford Park/Whelan

Hartford Park/Bodell

Harriet & Sayles Water Park

Fargnoli Park Water Park

Neutaconkanut Recreation Center John Hope Settlement House

Ardoene Playground

Ascham Street Playground

Open Table of Christ United Methodist Church

Providence Recreation Center

Pleasant Street Water Park

Annie Morris Playground

Ardoene Playground

Billy Taylor Playground

Sackett Street Water Park

Selim-Rogers Recreation Center

South Providence Ministries

Pearl Street Playground

Riverside Park Southside Recreation Center

West End Recreation Center

Zuccolo Recreation CenterCandace Street Playground

Dexter Training Ground

Ellery Park

Mattie Smith Playground

O'Brien Park

Dominican American Assoc.

Door of Refuge Church

Elmwood Community Center

University Heights

Wiggins Village

Lockwood Plaza

Davey Lopes Recreation Center

Fox Point Water Park

Iola French Playground

Chad Brown Tenant Assoc. George J. West Recreation Center

Joslin Recreation Center