‘We’ll have to keep waiting!’: Winter conditions miss again

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Little to no snow accumulation across the state has Rhode Islanders asking yet again — “Where has winter gone?”

Despite light flurries in the early evening, wind and rain mainly swept through Providence Wednesday.

“It’s been a letdown of a winter,” said one Providence resident.

Another added, “I guess we’ll have to keep waiting!”

State snowfall totals are more than a foot behind average for this point in the year.

Eric Schmidhauser and his family moved to Providence five years ago from Texas. He said they have been frustrated with the lack of snow this year.

“The disappointment of not having the magic of snow has been mitigated by safety concerns,” said Schmidhauser. “Especially for us we’re not that experienced in driving in the snow. We actually changed our car to a four-wheel drive to deal with the snow.”

He finished, “But it will come at some point.”

Heavy wind and rain are expected through Thursday’s morning commute.

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