Well known restaurateur to move into Mediterraneo building

By: Melissa Randall



For 18 years Mediterraneo has been serving up delicious meals, but no more. Over the weekend its owner, Gianfanco Marracco, sold the business. Many Federal Hill patrons are sad to see the Providence staple go, but they are also anxious to know what will replace it.

“That’s a little heartbreaking because I really liked that place. The food was great. I mean the people there were awesome,” said Marcus Rivers of Providence.

The deal was struck last week. Rick Simone, who represents the Marrocco Group, says the decision was bittersweet.

“It’s probably been up for sale for about a year and a half and this time he finally got an offer that was worth him being able to drop the memories but yet be able to take care of his family and pay attention more to his other businesses,” he explained.

The new owner is no stranger to Rhode Island, but won’t be named until the ink set later this week. ABC6 has learned the tenant is a well known, well established restaurateur from Federal Hill.

“We believe that the new venture that will go in there will bring new life to the hill and we believe that Mr. Marracco concentrating on his other properties will re-energize there as it already has,” said Simone.

Café Dolce Vita, also owned by the Marracco Group, will be converting its menu to feature long time Mediterraneo favorites.

Those left with gift cards to the establishment may be wondering what to do. The new owner will be honoring them, according to the Marraco Group.

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