Wendy’s Raises $77,000 to Promote Adoptions in Rhode Island

You know her name, but tonight Rhode Islanders were getting to meet her in person, all for a good cause.

Wendy Thomas was at the Paw Sox game to present a 77-thousand dollar check to “Adoption Rhode Island.”

She is the namesake of the “Wendy's” restaurant chain, her dad founded.

Dave Thomas was adopted as a child and became a national advocate for getting other kids in need adopted.

Wendy Thomas of Wendy's Restaurants said, “Right here in Providence, they got a lot of children adopted here, so it's awesome. And the 77 thousand will go to Rhode Island Adoption, and you know what? We're just trying to help all these children. That's the whole goal because they deserve a loving home.”

After presenting the check, Wendy met with several families who adopted children in Rhode Island.

ABC-6 helped sponsor a promotion at Wendy's restaurants, that raised the 77-thousand dollars.