Westerly community remembers Dorian #DStrong Murray

By Bianca Buono



Dozens of people showed up to Westerly High School Sunday evening to remember the life of 8-year-old Dorian Murray. 

"He’s inspired so many people so quickly and he’s just a little boy from Westerly, RI," said Chris Murray, Dorian’s father.

That little boy did a lot in his eight short years, including inspiring the worldwide movement #DStrong.

"He got tons of people, famous people, politicians and stuff. I couldn’t do that in two lifetimes," Chris Murray said.

Dorian lost his fight with cancer on March 8th, but not before his dying wish came true: to become famous.

"He’ll never be forgotten and his name will go on for years and years to come and everybody will always remember him," said Jackie Doty, Dorian’s grandmother.

The Westerly community came together Sunday with Dorian’s family at the Westerly High School track for a candlelight vigil to remember the life of the little boy that the world fell in love with.

"It’s amazing. Dorian touched so many people and he inspired so many and this just goes to show who he’s touched and what he means to them," said Melissa Murray, Dorian’s mother.

Dorian’s family is continuing the #DStrong movement by raising money for other families fighting the same battle they did in hopes that others can beat childhood cancer.

"If Dorian can save one live or make one child or anybody fight harder, then what he’s done and what he’s shown us is well worth it," Chris Murray said.

"Donating to pediatric cancer research is huge. Because of that research, we can get better medicine for our children," said Melissa Murray.

"I think that’s what Dorian was put on this earth to do," Doty said.

Before he died, Dorian co-authored a children’s book called “Leaving a Mark” with Boston-area author Nicole DeRosa Cannella. The book will be on store shelves on March 24th. Proceeds will go to pediatric cancer research.

Melissa Murray recently posted on her Facebook page "Praying for Dorian" saying: 

"Dorian has touched so many lives in so many ways. He inspired many. If Dorian helped you, in any way, I would love for you to share that with me. 

I’ll be writing a book and would love to include some powerful stories from others, sharing how he impacted you. 

Tomorrow evening, at the vigil, feel free to bring your story written out. I will have a box available for you to put it in. If you can not attend the vigil, you can send your story to PO Box 1225, Westerly RI 02891"